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“At our office you’ll find a new, state-of-the-art facility and friendly, professional staff that will go out of there way to ensure your visit to the dentist is a happy one!”

Dr. Jason Kaopua, DMD
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We provide many exciting services that will leave you with a bright, white smile on your face!

General Dentistry

Dental cleanings, exams, and fillings are three of the most basic yet important  treatments we provide at our office. Each time you visit our dental practice for a checkup, we will provide a professional teeth cleaning and dental exam to help your smile stay healthy.

Dental Implants

If your smile is missing a tooth, dental implant restorations are an effective tooth replacement option. An implant will replace both the crown and root of the tooth, providing the strongest and most stable restoration.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry includes several dental treatments; the aim of each of these treatments is to enhance the beauty of your smile. Through cosmetic dentistry, we can help you achieve a more beautiful, inviting smile that boosts your self-esteem and allows you to smile with confidence.

Invisalign Treatment

At Albright Family Dental, we can repair and correct your teeth alignment so you can have a fully functioning bite and a beautiful smile.

Pediatric Work

Your child can receive gentle care from our friendly team when you visit Albright Family Dental for pediatric dentistry. Dr. Jason Kaopua offers quality care for children while also making an effort to help them feel comfortable and happy during their checkups.

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If you take your child to the dentist and check for cavities, the child likely won’t get them. If you take them just for emergency, that’s all they’re going to get.

Bill Cosby

General dentistry is a field in which a dental specialist does not have a characterized range of specialization, rather they are authorized to practice in all limits of dentistry.

While a few dental practitioners choose to represent considerable authority in a specific territory of dentistry, different dental specialists will practice on a particular age group. For instance, a paediatric dentist just observes new-born children or youthful patients. Family Dentists are proficient dental practitioners that are authorized to provide treatment for patients of any age. Living in a place like Everett, WA, you need to have a regular family dentist to cater to your dental hygiene and needs as a family.

  • Why should you choose a Family Dentist?

A general dentist in Everett, WA can be visited by anyone. The real trouble arises when you need a single dentist but your family has people of wide range of age groups. Rather than making separate arrangements at various dental practitioner workplaces, it is much easier to go together to a similar dental specialist, regardless of your age. Family dentist in Everett, WA, come in handy in this regard. Most family dentists cover all broad dentistry treatments for all ages, so it’s helpful to have one specialist for all your dental needs.

Have One Dentist for a Family’s Dental Care Needs

Families in Everett, WA, require routine dental examinations at least twice every year. A family dental practitioner is the best individual to see for this purpose. A family dentist is the sort of dental expert who can treat an extensive variety of dental conditions occurring in all age groups, for example cleaning teeth or filling pits. Along with dealing with grown-ups, a dental practitioner working in family dentistry is prepared to look after youngsters and kids. By and large, the dental staff at your  family dentist’s clinic will plan appointments  for all members of your family around the same time to influence oral health to of the complete family as a whole. To find a family dentist in Everett, WA, neighbourhood, choosing Albright Family Dental is the best decision, specially for busy families. It is easier to visit a family dentist with a quick appointment when you are coming back from work or you are picking kids from school.

Being friends with your family dentist in Everett, WA

The best benefit of having a family dentist is that he/she knows about you well and he/she learns to tend to your needs more specifically. Your family eventually becomes friends with the family dentist. The family dentist that you will find in Everett, WA, will turn out to be the best of friends. He/she will know when you need a milder anaesthesia.  Your past history and family history will be carved into his or her memory. He/she will also be aware of your financial situation and will be considerate regarding payments. Like your family physician, your family dentist becomes an integral part of your circle. You feel more at home when you are at your family dentist’s clinic.

Guardians Learn to Trust the Local Dental Office Team with Their Children

As a parent, you realize that you can bring your baby for their first visit to a family dentist easily as your trust has already been developed in your family dentist.  Also, as a follow-up your children are going to a similar dental office each time, so they are less dreadful about the procedure. Since your children know their dentist, they think it is amusing to experience dental exams. This makes dental office visits less difficult for parents who would prefer not to deal with a child having a hissy fit in a dental office’s parking area. You can feel great dropping your kids off at the dental office since you trust the staff at your family dentist’s office completely. To have proficient dental exams for you and relatives, find the best family dentist in Everett, WA, at Albright Family Dental.

  • Factors influencing the choice of a family dentist in Everett, WA

When planning to settle on any sort of dental specialist, there are sure factors you ought to consider. Make a point to check the dental specialist’s skills and experience, which are usually not found on their personal site. Ask proposals and check audits ;these are two sure-fire approaches to locate an accomplished dental practitioner you can trust.

Another key factor is discovering somebody you feel great conversing with. This is essential as you have to feel comfortable in making inquiries and voicing concerns.

Another important thing to search for while picking your dental office is Finances. Do they have insurance based payment methods or other adaptable payment options? It’s constantly a problem to find such family dentists who are easily covered by your insurance.

  • Dental Services provided by Albright Family Dentist in Everett, WA:

“Smiling is Fun with Healthy Teeth & Gums”

― Prof. Dr. Ninad Moon

Regular visits to your family dentist in Everett, WA are more than just about teeth cleanliness.

A great many people don’t understand that dental check-ups are essential for your oral health, as well as for the prevention and early discovery of genuine medical problems like gum illness and oral malignancy. Amid a check-up, your general or family dental specialist as a rule takes x-beams and inspects your teeth for any indications of rot or disease. Furthermore, teeth cleanings and fluoride medications help keep up and enhance your oral well being.

Dental cleanings, exams, and fillings are three of the most essential yet imperative treatment we give at our office. Each time you visit our dental practice for a check up, we will give an expert teeth cleaning and dental exam to enable your smile to remain sound.

Preventive dental services in Everett, WA:

A family dental specialist or general dental specialist concentrates on preventive care, guaranteeing that your smile stays sound and solid. Taking care of your teeth at home is important. Regular brushing and flossing prevents many oral ailments. But having your teeth cleaned by your family dentist is essential too. Your family dentist will perform a thorough cleaning which will in turn prevent plagues and cavity formation. Regular check ups by your family dentist along with regular cleaning are recommended by dental health specialists. If you are thinking about skipping an appointment, remember that prevention of oral and dental diseases is better than their treatment. It costs less too in a regular check up than a proper treatment plan. Poor oral cleanliness can give rise to many issues, for example, bone misfortune, gum malady, and cancers. Your family or general dental specialist can assist in preventing oral cleanliness issues with fluoride medications, teeth cleanings, tooth decay preventive action, and early discovery of oral maladies.


Amid a check up your general or family dental specialist searches for indications of oral medical issues, for example, gum illness or oral disease. The early location of gum infection is vital since it is one of the main sources of tooth destruction, and it can prompt much more noteworthy medical issues like coronary heart diseases and stroke.

If your beautiful smile has been ruined by a lost tooth, dental implant rebuilding by your family dentist in Everett, WA, is help you regain your smile. An implant will supplant both the crown and foundation of the tooth, giving the most grounded and most stable rebuilt tooth.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry incorporates a few dental treatments; the point of each of these treatment is to improve the magnificence of your smile. Through cosmetic dentistry, we can enable you to accomplish a more wonderful, welcoming smile that lifts your confidence and enables you to smile with dignity. At Albright Family Dental, we offer a full range of cosmetic dental services utilizing the latest technology and procedures, and we pride ourselves on the excellent care we offer. If you are looking for exceptional dental care for the entire family contact us today. And find a family dentist in Everett, WA.

Reconstructive Dentistry

Dr. Jason Kaopua repairs and replaces broken and missing teeth so you can have a completely working chewing-mechanism and a lovely smile.

Paediatric Work

Your youngster can get delicate care from our amicable group when you visit Albright Family Dental for paediatric dentistry. Dr. Jason Kaopua offers quality care for youngsters and also keeps them calm and jolly during their regular appointments and check-ups.

Other dental services provided by family dentists in Everett, WA are:

  • Tooth-shaded dental fillings
  • Wisdom teeth extraction
  • Dental crowns
  • Dental extensions
  • Dentures
  • Teeth brightening
  • Root waterways
  • Tooth extraction

So, if you are searching for an astounding family dental specialist or family dental practitioner to help keep up your family’s oral well being, get in touch with one of Albright family dental practitioners in Everett, WA, today!

“No One Can Take Our Smiles Away When Dental Decay is Kept Miles Away”
Prof. Dr. Ninad Moon

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Get the best quality Everett dental care from professional and skillful dentists Everett wa in the most praised and trusted dental Everett wa hospital in Washington today, at the unbelievable prices. Some of the world’s best dentists Everett wa are at your Everett dental care service, to keep your beautiful smile on your face. Albright Family dental Everett wa is an internationally renowned Everett dental care company, who has shared a smile with thousands of Everett dental care customers from all parts of the world. Get an Everett dental care appointment today with our professional dentists Everett wa and let your teeth enjoy the world-class Everett dental care. Dental Everett wa promises every Everett dental care customer a bigger, better, and brighter smile.

We are a world-renowned dental Everett wa hospital:

The highly talented and trained dentists Everett wa of this dental Everett wa work day and night with enthusiasm and passion to provide the world-class Everett dental care to all the customers. Dentists Everett wa work with extremely qualified dental Everett wa management and staff to provide the best Everett dental care. The passion and hard work of our esteemed Dentists in Everett wa brought fame and international repute to this dental Everett wa in a very short period. Our dental Everett wa is not only praised in Washington but also in other parts of the world because of the prestigious dentists Everett wa and efficient and international standard Everett Dental care of the Albright family dental Everett wa. Our dentists Everett wa excel in every field of family Everett dental care including preventive Everett dental care, dental Everett wa cosmetic, restorative Everett dental care, and reconstructive Everett dental care. Everett wa dentist strives hard to provide you efficient, comfortable and painless Everett dental care. Dentists Everett wa of Albright dental Everett wa is looking forward to you for a pain-free and comfortable Everett dental care.

Dental Everett wa Services provided by esteemed dentists Everett wa:

Dentists Everett wa spread a beautiful smile on faces of Everett dental care patient through their services.

Clean Dental Everett wa General dentistry by skillful dentists Everett wa:

Everett wa dentist provides dental cleaning, examine and filling services. In Everett dental care, every patient who visits Everett wa dentist gets a professional dental cleaning and exam for a healthy smile.

Dentists Everett wa apply the best quality dental Everett wa Dental implants:

Dentists in Everett wa replace the missing tooth with a dental implant.  Everett wa dentist does stable and long-lasting restoration by replacing both tooth crown and root.

What are Dental Everett wa Dental Implants?

Dental Everett wa dental implants effectively replace missing tooth than dentures. These are the foundation for an artificial tooth which is anchored in the jawbone. Everett wa dentist doesn’t suggest dental implants to every patient. Everett wa dentist applies dental implants only if patients have proper bone density, strong immune system, and oral hygiene. Dental implants used by dental Everett wa are synthetic and biocompatible material that give natural look too artificial teeth.


Dental Everett wa Dental Implant Procedure by Everett wa dentist:                 

Dentists in Everett wa create area and place for dental implant in the mouth through surgery. Everett wa dentist takes sufficient time required for fitting, the growth of bone tissues and anchorage of the dental implant before implanting for strong anchorage. In order to connect the tooth sometimes Dentists in Everett wa place metal posts in dental implants. Before surgery, Everett wa dentist gives anesthesia and sometimes antibiotics to prevent infection in the patients. For a long-lasting stay of implants Dentists in Everett wa tell patients about proper care and oral hygiene.

Skillful Everett wa dentist in cosmetic dental Everett wa dentistry :

A beautiful smile can foster your confidence and self-esteem. Cosmetic dentistry through various dental treatments intensifies the beauty of a smile. Very often people approach Everett wa dentist for surgery and aesthetic dental procedures in order to correct the dental defects like crooked teeth, injury and grotesque bite or to finally reinstate a beautiful smile. Today esthetic dentistry has gained a vital importance in the dental Everett wa profession.  For correction of discolored, missing, chipped or misshaped teeth Dentists in Everett wa use common esthetic dental treatments. Few very common esthetic dental treatments done by dentists Everett wa are enlisted as below:

Specialist Everett wa dentist for Bonding – In bonding, our Everett wa dentist of dental Everett wa changes tooth color and fill the gaps with the help of tooth-colored material.

Experienced Everett wa dentist for Contouring and reshaping – In contouring and reshaping overlapping, Everett wa dentist straightens the crooked, chipped or cracked teeth.

Expert dentists Everett wa for Veneers – For veneers, Dentists in Everett wa place thin coating on teeth to change the color or shape of the teeth. As an example veneer procedure has been used by dentists Everett wa for the treatment of crooked, chipped uneven and oddly spaced teeth.

Dental Everett wa Whitening and bleaching – Whitening and bleaching are one of the most commonly used procedures by Dentists in Everett wa for teeth whitening nowadays.

Very frequently our Everett wa dentist is asked, “to improve a smile, which dental Everett wa technique must be used”?  Only after a complete dental exam by an Everett Wa dentist and taking into consideration all the factors for complete and overall oral health and hygiene, Everett wa dentist can suggest the best dental Everett wa option for treatment.

Dental Everett wa Envisaging treatment by well-trained dentists Everett wa:

At Albright Family Dental Everett wa, with a beautiful smile and functional bite Dentists in Everett wa repair and align your teeth.

Dental Everett wa Pediatric dentistry by experienced dentists Everett wa:

Dentists in Everett wa give benevolent treatment to the children who come to visit Albright Family Dental with their parents. Dr. Jason Kaopua along with his quality treatment for the children also make them feel happy and comfortable in pediatric dentistry.

Dentists in Everett wa know how to whiten your Teeth:

In Everett dental care, Everett wa dentist uses powerful bleaching system for making teeth white in less than two hours.  Dentists in Everett wa also recommend home bleaching system for better results at home in two weeks.  Another major recommendation of Dentists in Everett wa is a combined program for long-term optimal results.

Special Dental Everett wa Crowns and Bridges and Veneers by dentists Everett wa:

Dentists in Everett wa use porcelain fused with metal for posterior and porcelain crown for interior teeth to give you a new beautiful smile.

Genuine dental Everett wa Bridges by dentists Everett wa:

In Dental Everett wa, dentists Everett wa use bridges are made up of porcelain, gold alloy or combination of both. Dentists in Everett wa replace the missing teeth with bridges that are natural looking dental gadget. The bridges done by our dentists in Everett wa are hardly detectable and custom made. Bridges done by dentists Everett wa, give a natural outline to teeth and help in proper bite by accurately joining upper and lower jaw teeth.

Bridges create a bond between existing teeth and dental implants. Dental Everett wa used bridges are semi-permanent and sometimes may be named as partially fixed dentures. Dentists in Everett wa also use non-removable bridges are also available and these include resin bonded bridges, cantilever, and fixed bridges. Everett wa dentist removes and cleans the fixed bridges while anyone can remove and clean removable bridges. Dentists in Everett wa use gum tissues or bones for the attachment of implant bridges.

Dentists Everett wa apply the finest dental Everett wa Crowns:

Synthetic porcelain caps are used by dentists in Everett wa to cover the top of the tooth and are known as crowns. After root canal dentists in Everett wa use crowns to maintain the tooth appearance and function. When a large part of the tooth is worn out in process of tooth decay, Dentists in Everett wa use crowns to restore the appearance of the tooth. Major uses of crowns include bridge attachment, tooth crack prevention, prevention of filling from becoming loose and dislocated and cover implant. Everett wa dentist uses Crowns to restore the natural look of discolored teeth.

Procedures that are done by dentists in Everett wa:

Dentists Everett wa reduce the size of teeth to place the crown on it. Everett wa dentist makes custom-designed crown by making impressions of existing tooth. Special labs use these tooth impressions taken by Everett wa dentist to make a custom-designed crown. Before the manufacturing of permanent crown Everett wa dentist place a temporary crown on the tooth. Later Dentists Everett wa fix the permanent crowns in place. Crowns are different from veneers because veneers have an application in a small area.

Here is what dentists in Everett wa say about Caring for your Crowns:

Dentists in Everett wa suggests patients to avoids the plaque or debris accumulation around the crown restoration by daily and proper flossing, a good quality crown may last for about eight years or more. Dentists Everett wa suggest extreme care in jaw clenching, eating sour food, ice, and hard candies as they can damage or loosen the crown, as a result, the life of crown is reduced.

Dentists in Everett wa use resin for feeling:

In dental Everett wa, only internationally recommended tooth-colors and durable resin fillings are used by dentists in Everett wa. Fillings done by dentists in Everett wa are long-lasting, protective and give a natural glow to your smile.

Dental Everett wa Root Canal Therapy is done by professional dentists Everett wa:

Everett wa dentist in Everett wa dental care does root canal of molar, premolar and anterior teeth of patients. Dentists in Everett wa have vast experience in root canal procedures and dentists Everett wa ensure it to be a painless and comfortable procedure for you.

Dental Everett wa Periodontal Treatment by dentists Everett wa:

Dentists in Everett wa suggest biannual standard cleaning for everyone. Dentists Everett wa in Everett wa dental care also provide the services of periodontal treatment that includes adult prophy. If the cleansing was done more than a year ago dentists Everett wa plan the Everett dental care treatment which includes root planning, scaling or periodontal scaling.

Dental Everett wa Mouth Guards by dentists Everett wa:

Dentists Everett wa recommends athletes and all sports participants to wear a mouth guard to protect their teeth.  Dentists in Everett wa also recommend bite guard to the people who grind their teeth to reduce the symptoms of TMJ. Evertt wa dental care provides mouth guards of both soft and hard material to its patients.

Dental Everett wa Removable Dental Prosthesis:

In dental Everett wa, Dentists Everett wa also applies removable partials or dentures for the patients with missing teeth.

Dentists Everett wa provide world-class Everett dental care service at dental Everett wa:

Dentists in Everett wa take pride in its state-of-the-art dental Everett wa facility and friendly environment. Dentists Everett wa are professionally trained dentists in Everett wa and they make sure that you have a comfortable and helpful Everett dental care. The enthusiasm and professionalism of dentists in Everett is praised in all parts of the world. Our Everett dental care customers come from all around the world and they are satisfied and happy with the standards of Everett dental care. They fully trust in the talent and skills of Everett wa dentist and our world-class Everett dental care.

Customer-based Everett dental care:

Everett dental care customers are the assets of dentist in Everett wa and dentists in Everett wa even go out of their way to ensure their comfort. Everett wa dentist politely and openly discusses the conditions of their customers and help them select the suitable Everett dental care procedures. For Everett wa dentist customers are the prime importance and their comfort is the main purpose of the Everett wa dentist. Our dentists Everett wa establishes long-term relationships with the patients so that they happily put their faith in the Everett wa dentist for the best dental Everett care. Our dentists in Everett wa explains the Everett dental care procedures to the patients, its risks, safety measures and cost. Dentists in Everett wa believe in quality service and Everett wa dentist takes the great initiative in patient education as well. Being licensed, dentists Everett wa have main priority is to give healthy gums and teeth with a beautiful smile to our patients. Everett wa dentist provides world-class Everett dental care services in dental Everett wa cosmetic, dental Everett wa dental implants, veneers, crown and bridges to dental Everett wa patients.

Professional and skillful dentists Everett wa:

Dentists Everett wa are highly qualified and trained dentists in the Everett. The skills of Dentists Everett wa are praised in all parts of the USA and the world. With world-class dental evert wa facilities and the vast experience of dentists Everett wa, every Everett dental care procedure is smooth and comfortable. Evert wa dentist carries dozens of procedures daily and every time Everett wa dentist keeps their world-class standards to make your smile even wider. Our esteemed dentists Everett wa are our pride and these dentists in Everett wa have spread dental Everett wa repute to all parts of the world.

Highly talented and skillful staff:

Besides dentists Everett wa, the paramedic and management staff is equally qualified and talented. They join hands with dentists Everett wa to make your visit a happy and comfortable visit. From best quality X-rays to intra-operative support they work equally with dentists Everett wa and ensure painless and comfortable procedure and smooth recovery. They keep the coordination smooth to provide you prompt, painless and pleasant Everett dental care.

World-class dental Everett wa facilities:

The aim of Albright dental Everett wa is to provide Everett dental care facilities of international standards at affordable prices. Dentists in Everett wa are highly qualified and experienced and with latest diagnostic and therapeutic machinery Everett wa dentist does miracles every day. Dentists in Everett wa preserve the purest and the most natural smiles of the patients. Everett wa dentist follows an internationally organized scheme for Everett dental care starting with visual exams, charting, and probing. Our Everett wa dentist is equipped with the latest facilities to diagnose and treat patients including panoramic X-ray and bite-wing X-ray series which helps Everett wa dentist to pick slight decay in front and back teeth for better prognosis. Years of experience of Everett wa dentist on comfortable dental chair units equipped with the most sophisticated instruments pays of in the form of the most beautiful smiles of our patients.

Hygiene and quality:

Dentists in Everett wa keep high standards of hygiene and quality of Everett dental care so that you get comfortable and safe Everett dental care. Operation theaters, X-ray rooms, and receptions all are built on international standards with special care to ventilation, disinfection and waste disposal. Our Everett wa dentists use sterilized instruments for Everett dental care procedures to avoid any infection. Dental Everett wa only uses internationally recommended implants, bridges, and crowns and avoid any unhygienic practice.

Our marvelous results speak the success story of dentists in Evertt wa:

Everette dentists wa are striving hard to spread smiles to more and more people daily. The satisfaction and smile of our patients earned by strenuous and skillful work of our dentists in Everett wa is our pride. Our Everett wa dentist receives patients from all parts of the world and makes sure they leave with a beautiful smile. Our marvelous ratings and reviews of our patients are the laurel of our Everett wa dentist. We welcome criticism in our reviews as they help our dentists Everett wa to improve Everett dental care services. We also encourage our patients to review their Everett dental care service and help our dentists in Everette wa to spread our excellent Everett dental care to more and more people.

Dentists in Everett wa values client’s comfort and choice:

Our Everett wa dentists don’t force their will on the patients instead dentists in Everett wa guide the patients after making them aware of their conditions and possible options of treatment and by doing so Everett wa dentist suggests the best suitable option for them. Everett wa dentists explain the Everett dental care procedure, its outcomes, risks, and cost. This helps establish a long-term relationship between Everett wa dentist and patients based on trust and confidentiality.

24/7 high-quality Everett dental care service:

Dentists Everett wa are always on their toes to help you get the best Everett dental care. Our dentists Everett wa work 24 hours a day and 7 days a week with no compromise in the passion, comfort, and safety of Everett dental care. Book an appointment with our best dentists in Everett wa at any time of the day and from any part of the world and our dentists in Everett wa will make sure that you get the best dental Everett services as quickly as possible.

Dentists in Everett wa are now available online on dental Everett wa website:

For quick Everett dental care, visit today our dental Everett wa website and book appointment instantly with the best dentists in Everett wa. We provide the most authentic information about dentists Everett wa, staff, office, Everett dental care services, our standards, insurance, maps, contact information and other therapeutic cares. Dentists in Everett wa believe that it is the right of our worthy customers to know all about dental health, dental problems, procedure advancements, details, and risks so that they can wisely take the best decisions for themselves.

Affordable prices for best Everett dental care:

Dentists Everett wa also keep your financial interests in the account. Everett wa dentists try to provide you best Everett dental care with no compromise in quality. Our dentists Everett wa values your priceless smile the most and try to provide you the best dental Everett care at the lowest possible prices. We have the most patient-friendly Everett dental care packages so that you get your smile back with minimum burden on your budget.

Dental Everett wa gives you a golden opportunity to enjoy international standard Everett dental care for your priceless smile. Whether implants, crowning or bridges get our highly qualified and trained dentists Everett wa is at your service 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Dentists in Everett wa make sure that you get a prompt, comfortable and pleasant Everett dental care. Dentists in Everett wa are looking forward to you for an efficient, smooth and comfortable visit.