Properly Caring for a Temporary Crown

Being fitted for a crown happens in two separate stages The first procedure involves your dentist removing most of the enamel from a damaged or decayed tooth, leaving behind an abutment. While a dental lab is making your permanent crown you will need to have a temporary crown cemented in place to protect it It’s… Read more »

Understanding Your Bonding Options

Many people are not quite satisfied with their current smile. Tooth color, size, and shape can all make a person self-conscious when he or she wants to smile. There are a wide variety of treatments and strategies available to address cosmetic issues, each with its own advantages. Cosmetic bonding is just one of these options… Read more »

How to Care for Your Smile While You Have Grills

Did you know that grills in Everett, Washington, can affect your oral health? Well, it’s true! Even though grills are popular products in the world today, that doesn’t mean they are safe for the smile. That is why our Albright Family Dental team strongly recommends caring for your teeth and gums while you use these… Read more »

Common Symptoms that a Filling Is Going Bad

Fillings are designed to repair modest cavities that form in the enamel layer of a tooth. Even though a filling is intended to last for a long time, it’s not unheard for the pervasive activity of bacteria to weaken the cement and cause a filling to slowly go bad. As a general rule of thumb… Read more »

The Best Tooth Bleaching Procedure

There are many things that can cause stains in your smile. Stained enamel can be caused by aging, tobacco use, or simply enjoying dark foods and drinks on a regular basis. How deeply the stains penetrate the enamel of your teeth will determine the particular whitening product and procedure needed to give you your white… Read more »

A Badly Decayed Tooth Can Be Repaired by Installing a Crown

When the natural bacteria in your mouth gather to exploit an area of weakened tooth enamel, it can sometimes for a rather large cavity. If the cavity is too large to securely anchor a filling, Dr. Jason Kaopua might recommend restoring all of the tooth enamel with a crown. To do this, it often takes… Read more »