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Many people are not quite satisfied with their current smile. Tooth color, size, and shape can all make a person self-conscious when he or she wants to smile. There are a wide variety of treatments and strategies available to address cosmetic issues, each with its own advantages. Cosmetic bonding is just one of these options available at Albright Family Dental.

Dental bonding is a process whereby tooth-colored resin is applied directly to the tooth surface. First, the surface is prepared by some roughening. The resin bonds with enamel on your tooth and forms a resilient new surface which is hardened with a special ultraviolet light. This is a quick procedure that can be performed with a minimum of preparation. Anesthesia is usually not necessary unless the bonding is filling a decayed tooth.

Bonding can be used to repair chipped or cracked teeth. This prevents infection that can lead to abscess of the tooth. It can also be used for purely cosmetic purposes. It can improve discoloration if other whitening treatments have proven unsuccessful. It can also alter the shape of teeth, making them look longer or to close spaces between teeth. It is a versatile and powerful treatment option for many issues.

Of course, a consultation with Dr Jason Kaopua will be necessary to determine if dental bonding is the best treatment option for you. But this quick, comfortable procedure works to help many people find their better smiles. Call our Everett, Washington, office today to schedule your appointment.