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There are many things that can cause stains in your smile. Stained enamel can be caused by aging, tobacco use, or simply enjoying dark foods and drinks on a regular basis. How deeply the stains penetrate the enamel of your teeth will determine the particular whitening product and procedure needed to give you your white smile.

It’s wise to talk to our Albright Family Dental team before starting any whitening program. It’s important to find a whitening program that will meet your teeth-whitening goals all while preserving good, long-term oral health.

Our professional tooth-bleaching procedure can provide you with the bright, white smile you’ve always wanted.

Before bleaching your teeth, your dentist, Dr. Jason Kaopua, will protect your gums with a special protective gel or by placing a special rubber dental dam over them.

Your dentist will then pour a small amount of bleaching agent into special bleaching trays. The bleaching trays are then inserted into your mouth and held there while the powerful bleaching agents eradicate the stains from your teeth.

Finally, they will use a special ultraviolet light to provide further whitening to your tooth enamel.

If you have questions about the best way to meet your whitening goals in Everett, Washington, you should call Albright Family Dental at 425.267.3333 to schedule an appointment.